Cubase crash on editing Scores Editor settings (9.5)

Happy New Year!

Here is my first post this year. Hope that all moderators still sleeping well :wink:

  1. Create empty project, add instrument track with HALion SONIC SE3, load [GM 002] Bright AcousticPiano in first slot.
  2. Add some notes and open Score Editor.

(Here are some specific things that (IMHO) doesn’t injure Cubase)
I duplicated track, so I have two identical HALion SONIC SE3 tracks. I’ve done that because of specific workflow in scores window. I just split partiture not by using automatic staff split, but by hand.

  1. I worked two hours on notes and when all were almost done, I open Scores -> Settings window. Done some settings. Actually surfed all possible tabs to learn what is where and made some changes for the taste.
  2. Lastly in the Score Settings window I open Project tab, then Notation Style item. Have long list of settings. Surfed through the list, change values and after each I clicked on Apply button to see what is happening with changed settings.
  3. When I’ve done and changed last setting in the list, Cubase crashes. Maybe there is something happening because of decimal digits? Last settings have decimals.

Crash dump attached.
Cubase 64bit 2018.1.1 (160 KB)


Reported to Steinberg


Should be fixed now, in Cubase 9.5.20.