Cubase crash on Exit - found the problem (loopMIDI)!

Ok this is on C7.5 but folks have reported the same on C8.5 as well.

My C7.5 crashes on exit EVERY SINGLE TIME. Turns out the problem was having loopMIDI virtual midi driver (for lemur to function I need this). When I exit loopMIDI and try opening and closing Cubase it closes with no issues! Tried it several times with and without loopMIDI and I get consistent behavior everytime (crash vs. no crash).

So - check your MIDI driver - see if you have old MIDI devices, or virtual MIDI ports like me in your setup. Not that Steiny is going to provide a fix for it, but at least you know who the boogeyman is. Hope that helps! :mrgreen:


Make sure, you have no MIDI loop with the loopMIDI, please. :slight_smile:

The design is, the MIDI In/Outs ports of the same name are connected inside the loopMIDI. So make sure, you are not using the same MIDI Port for In and Out in Cubase.

Martin - You’re a genius!! :mrgreen:

Yes, when I removed the MIDI loop output ports and input ports from “visible” section in their input/output counterparts now Cubase exits without issue. I guess I can have my loopMIDI after all. :smiley:

I think, you should be able to use the loopMIDI, but make sure about the proper routing.

What is your goal to use it for?

Well I think I celebrated early. Cubase still crashes on Exit but only occasionally. Still I’ll take this over the previous behavior. :mrgreen:

loopmidi is required to use lemur to control Cubase (I have arts unmuted metafader for lemur).

I see. Do you use bidirectional comunication with Lemur?

Btw, do you use the hardware or the iOS version?

Jed?? I have the iOS version.

Do you use bidirectional comunication with Lemur?

I guess so? I’m not sure, but yes the Lemur template I use requires both input and output ports to be setup.

Then make sure, you are using different loopMIDI Port for the Input and Output.