Cubase crash on exit (no blue screen or drama but...)

Hello all,
Just a quick check with the community:
I am running cubase 6.5 64 bit in win 7 as smoothly as ever. Not a glitch.
Just when exiting it crushes, no blue screen, no hung ups and it restarts without a problem, so it doesn’t hang on the background.
It does this 100% of the time. Does anyone else have this experience.
I am just about to embark in a plug in clean up but since I don’t have a problem actually running it I am hesitating.
Maybe it gets fixed in the next update… but maybe one of you wizards have a solution… :sunglasses:

Greetz to all

Thank you SIR Grim!!!

OK, that did it, unwrapping all vst (automap)
No more crash.

Invite yourself to something good this weekend!!!

Thanks again,