Cubase crash on File | New Project...

Good Day.

  1. Since the installation of the Cubase 10.0.30 if I do the File | New Project… command via the menu immediately after starting cubase, the program crashes. See image below.

  2. If I perform, right after startup, the keyboard shortcut instead, ctrl+N, cubase works normally.

  3. If I open an existing project, right after startup, the project loads and works normally. If I close the project then do the File | New Project… command, cubase works normally again.

The trick for me to reproduce the crash every time is to do step 1.

I’ve included a crash dump hoping Steinberg tech. experts would look at it.

Is anyone else having this issue ?

Cubase Elements 64bit 2019.7.5 (397 KB)


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Hi Martin.

Tried Cubase in Safe Start Mode, ctrl+alt+shift, and chose to disable Preferences.

Same result, Cubase crashes with the same screen.