Cubase crash report feature

I really appreciate the new mode included in Cubase 13 which allows Crash Report files to be sent directly to the Steinberg Team when the software is reopened following a sudden crash. I sincerely hope that these files will be promptly acquired by the team to immediately remedy the many recurring crashes that I am experiencing with Cubase 13 which, frankly speaking, represents a great step forward and which I particularly love. I hope that the crash files sent will serve to resolve these annoying crashes that mainly occur when I use the Eq window directly on the mixer.

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Thank you very much for your encouraging words.

Yes, it’s a feature that took us several years to implement and we’re still tweaking the back-end as of now. I can surely tell you that we’re doing our best to use this tool as a way to rank and prioritize the most relevant crashes to fix.



Glad to know that it is a priority feature and that it will bring benefits. I wish you a good job and all the way ahead.