Cubase Crash Solved?

Dear Fellow Cubase Users, I am going to quickly explain how I solved a particular problem in Cubase 10.5 whereby the system would crash every time I clicked to switch off the “solo” button in the midi key editor. This would happen on any midi track and when I checked the crash report it would refer to Cubase attempting to access the “ara service”. I specifically updated to 10. 5 in order to integrate Melodyne into the program but i have never found the integration to be seamless and in some ways rather wish I had stuck with Cubase Pro 8.But that is by the by… after hours of messing around trying different options I decided to examine the Cubase Components folder which is located at: Your Drive> ProgramFiles>Steinberg>Cubase10.5 (or your version)>Components. I then removed the araservice.dll file and saved it to a folder on my desktop. i can now edit midi files without any problem. Of course I have no ARA service but then when I need it , I can reinsert it into the Components folder. Extreme? Well yes, but it works. I have left a ticket for Steinberg Tech Help but as it often takes a matter of months to reply to any request i am not particularly hopeful of any help from that quarter. anyway I hope this is helpful.

Other options for you may be to “Trash Your Preferences” and although this didn’t work for me it could be relevant for you. check out this very good video for help:

i would also strongly advise Windows users (of which I am one) to switch off updates once you have a stable system. This is now only possible on W10 Pro. Of course, it may leave you a little vulnerable in the sense that you won’t get the MS security patches but I get around this by disabling the wireless adapter in"Devices" (Rt click on windows icon on your keyboard and select Device Manager. Scroll down down to “Network Adapters” and you will be able to do this. When needed you can re-enable if so desired.

I hope this is useful to some folks. by all means contact me for help if needed.

Asus Z97 Pro
32 gb RAM
i7 Processor
W10 Pro
Cubase 10.5