cubase crash when loading sample in groove agent one

steps i am taking

1.load loop from media bay.
2.slice the loop.
3.make a instrument track loading groove agent one ( groove agent one that comes with cubase). the loop that i sliced.
5.put the loop on to groove agent one.
6.the slices or loaded on to the pads.
7.cubase crashes.

i have tried this about 5 times end crashes every time.
i am running cubase 7.0.1 on a mac os x 10.8.2 i7 2.8 GHz ,12 gb of memory.

ok this is not the end of the world bud something simple as this is just bad when this just worked fine in previous versions of cubase. in some other occasions where cubase 7 crashes like when just loading a sound preset of the
halion sonic se. please fix this.

i am running a fresh installed computer with the latest drivers. the audio and midi gear is all steinberg and yamaha hardware.

Does it crash as soon as you hit the pad? or as soon as all samples are loaded on the pads? I’ve been experiencing that behavior in C5,C6 but not C7 yet. I would suggest to put your prefs folder on the desktop and see if it happens again when you fire up C7.

Make sure that the audio file is in a format that GAone is reading.

GAOne has been stable most of the time but occasionally it is crashing Cubase when clicking on its pads. Never found the reason for this, though.

When using GAOne with sliced loops, remember to frequently save your work :astonished: :wink:

yes ,when i hit the pads it crashes.

1.i have reset cubase 7 by deleting the pref files bud it dont work
still keeps crashing

2.and the loops that i am using are audio loops from cubase

I suggest you try the following.

After dropping the loop on GAOne but before hitting any pad, try this:

  1. Drag the midi file from GAOne onto the track (this option will be lost after exporting/saving the preset).
  2. Export files to new location on your HD
  3. Save as the preset

Open a new instance of GAOne and load the preset.