Cubase Crash when remove track

When I attempted to delete a sound track,Cubase crashed immediately. I tried to make all plug-ins disabled, however, it didn’t work.
System: macOS Monterey 12.5.1
Here is the crash logs
Cubase 12-2022-08-28-171809.ips (59.4 KB)


Do you mean an Audio Track? Can you always repro this? With any Track, any project? Is it a Mono or a Stereo or other Track? Anything special on the Track?

It’s a empty mono audio track with no things on it.

@Guanyu_Chen its usually a plugin or VSTi.

Make a copy of the project and open it in safe mode and start removing plugins.


Is this the source crash *.ips file, please?

Yes that’s crash files.


Can you repro this or did it happen only once?

About three times. I have disabled all plugins.