Cubase crash while doing nothing

Cubase 11_2021-07-06-205825.crash (176.1 KB)

This happened 10 minutes ago. I was running Cubase in the background and reading sheet music in app Preview. Can anyone tell me why it happened?

Please, can anyone read crash log and tell me what is the cause of crash? I have super important gig tomorrow and I’m using Cubase to play backing tracks, I can’t afford any crashes.

Apple crash logs are human readable. With a bit of web searching it’s possible to get a hint of what caused the crash, though sometimes it’s more complex than just a single actor being the cause.

The log mentions com.steinberg.rotski, which a web search reveals to be the Steinberg SKI Remote. I would remove that if you don’t use it, and I would also start in Cubase Safe Mode and delete prefs.

Then test, test, test.