Cubase - Crash - Win11


I recently built a new computer. Powerful specs, Win 11 and Cubase 12.

I have had issues all the way, but the last two-three days its been horrible. It crashes all the time, dont matter witch project it is.

I have major issues with this. I can dump the dmp file if someone from Steinberg can help.

I also have a problem regarding when Cubase are opened up, i cant click the taskbar or any other programs.

Post the crash dumps here, there are several people here who are able to read them and with a bit of luck give helpful hints!

Also check your Windows Logs. Especially under Windows > System. It might show clues to potential problems.


J had a lot of pb on win11 with Cubase and Wavelab, I downgraded to win10 and now it’s magic