Cubase crash window (but could continue working)

Hi, I´ve got this crash in cubase (attached dmp). I clicked cancel on the popup window and continued to work for about 40 min without any issues, so maybe it´s not serious (or is it always?).

Anyway, I don´t know how to read dmp files and was wondering if anyone here could help me take a quick look at what happend in cubase that caused this crash window to appear.

Or if someone could tell me what I need to open the dmp file myself?

Thanks in advance!


Ok I Cubase also sometimes crashes while loading my template. I will add that to the attachments (the latest one). Please help.
Cubase 64bit 2017.2.17 18.01.rar (434 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2017.2.15 19.40.rar (376 KB)


one crash seems to point to Kontakt, and looks like a graphic related one, but the other one lists a crash in msvcp100.dll. Does it persists if you re-install or repair via ‘Programs and Features’ the Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2010?

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