Cubase crash with UR22C

Dear Martin

Initially cubase was not responding and was freezing with the colored wheel turning when UR22C plugged in. Later on it crashed once and I was able to provide you with the crash report
Since then each time I launch Cubase with or without UR22C the error screen pops up but it does not crash it just freezes along with the colored wheel turning. my apologies for the confusion. Kind regards


Do you have newer *.ips crash file(s), please? Could you attach it/them?

sorry i don’t have a newer one as it does not crash it freezes with the colored wheel turning (it crashed only ones).


So the Safe Mode dialog doesn’t point to a new file, right?

Could you please wow a new your description of the issue work all new findings you made?

When UR22C is plugged the color wheel turns
then at some the menu Project assistant opens
the color wheel keeps turning
I can see in the app control window that the app is Blocked then unblocks for some seconds then blocks again
when the wheel stops turning I click on “UR22C Stereo recording”
the color wheel comes back and keeps turning
at this stage I am unable to click on Create
The color wheel keeps turning for ever.


Thank you for the description, but I have some questions…

What do you mean by this, please? Do you mean Steinberg Hub?

What is the app control window, please? What does the “Blocked” mean exactly?

And the most important: What happens, if you:

  • Unplug UR22C
  • Start Cubase.
  • Select the UR22C Stereo Recording template in Steinberg Hub.
  • Quit Cubase.
  • Start Cubase again.
    – Do you get Safe Start Mode dialog?
    – Is new *.ips file available?

Good afternoon, sorry for the delay in replying.
attached is the mac consol log of launching Cubase with the UR22C plugged.
hope it helps identifying the issue.
Cubase Error (15.5 KB)

kind regards


I’m sorry, it doesn’t help. I would need to know what happens if you unplug UR22 to be able to exclude UR22 possibly.

Please follow the steps I post earlier. Thank you

I followed your instruction steps and confirms that I do not get Safe Start Mode dialog.
should I provide you the consol log of this procedure or not ?
Kind regards

Dear Martin,
what should I do next ?


Thank you for your update. I’m sorry, I have no idea. Obviously the crash is UR22C related. I made the official bug entry to the bugs tracking system. Now, we have to wait.

You could try to uninstall the driver and use UR22C as class compliant device.

Dear Martin thank you for your reply.
Can you please tell me how to do this ?
Kind regards


Use the Tools installer or the driver installer to uninstall it. Then just plug the Audio Device in. It should appear in the devices list.

You will not have available all the “special” tools (like the DspMixFX and the plug-ins), but you can do all the common work with the Audio Device.

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Dear Martin,
i have de-installed the driver - re-started the mac - plugged the UR22C launched Cubase.
This time it does not freeze all is fine except that no sound comes out. i attached the studio configuration. Anny suggestions ? best regards


Where are your speakers plugged to, please?

Isn’t the Out 1 & 2 by any chance?

they are plugged in the back of the UR22C


I mean if you click the “UR22C Mix L” in the Device Port column. Can you see UR22C Out L, or something like this? Something different but the “Mix”?

No i don’t (screen grab)


Where are your hands routed to? What is the output of the tracks?

Aren’t the tracks Muted? How is the dspMixFx set up?

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Good afternoon Martin,
all is now working and I thank you very much for your wise and reactive support.
I now understand that the issue I have been facing is directly related to the Yamaha driver causing the freeze of Cubase on my mac is it a compatibility issue withh my mac, no idea.
particularly surprising is that the drive does not cause a freeze when tested with garage band bbut then has this driver any relation with garage band i do not know only you could say.

Anyway congratulation on your support
Best regards