Cubase crashed and now my vsts are blocked

Hello, today my Cubase project crashed because I didn’t have enough memory (16gb) to support my very heavy project. So, i decided to upgrade my ram memory to 32gb. I have installed it and everything is working perfectly. But when i opened my project i cannot hear anything. If i add a new instance of a plugin i get the sound, but if i try to hear the midi that was there before the crash, nothing.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem, it is really time sensitive as i have only a few days to finish this project.
Please help.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
hard to tell from the information you’ve given (it always helps if you provide as detailed a description as possible and information about your setup, like OS+Cubase version, audio interface etc), could be many things, like the project being somewhat corrupted, or a plugin misbehaving. Actually, that would be my first bet, as you changed the parameters of your computer with the RAM upgrade, and some plugin’s authorization systems don’t like that and revert to demo/no operation mode. You might want to check that, open every plugin you use in the project and check for “license invalid”-messages or similar. You could also disable any FX plugin you use in the mixer step by step (really disable, ALT+Click) and see if suddenly the sound reappears.
If that’s not it, i would try to create a completely new, blank project and then import the tracks from the problematic project and see whether that helps.

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