Cubase crashed by Halion 6

Hello there.
My Cubase is crashing almost every time I try to load Halion 6 as a rack instrument.
I’m on OSX 10.12.6 and running Cubase 9.5.3 with Halion 6.1.15.
Please take a look at my reports.
Cubase 9.5_2018-08-19-100717_iMac.cpu_resource.crash (146 KB)
Cubase 9.5_2018-08-19-091333_iMac.cpu_resource.crash
Cubase 9.5_2018-08-19-100717_iMac.cpu_resource.crash


Could you please share the *.crash file from the User Reports folder of the Console (not System Reports)? I cannot resolve this one. Thanks

Oh sorry.
Here it is.
Cubase 9.5_2018-08-20-210443_iMac.crash (116 KB)
Cubase 9.5_2018-08-20-113620_iMac.crash (207 KB)
Cubase 9.5_2018-08-20-113046_iMac.crash (174 KB)


One of the crash is in Audiodamage Discord3 .

Another crash seems to be in macOS Baios?
Thread 46 Crashed:: Baios Processing Thread
0 ??? 0x0000000173d79990 0 + 6238476688
1 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff9b2ad0d9 _pthread_exit + 152
2 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff9b2aed29 _pthread_suspended_body + 187

The last one is in Cubase (not in HALion). Reported to Steinberg (CAN-17779).

Thank You for reply. These are very strange results since I didn’t even use Discord on that project (I can’t even remember when did I use it last time :smiley: ). And the Crash happens every time I try to Add Halion to rack.
But I’ll try by removing Discord from plugins folder and See what happens.

And to be honest C9.5 is the most unstable version for me. It crashes all the time and it also has some minor bugs. I’m not sure should I write it all down here on the forum or not ?
But anyway. You gave me some clue. Maybe I’ll start by removing some older plugins from the folder and see if it helps.
Thank You very much.

I think Uploaded some old crash report. I have many of them. This one I believe has Halion crash note
Cubase 9.5_2018-09-11-090633_iMac.crash (121 KB)


This crash is in HALion 6.

This is getting really frustrating. When I try to add Halion to rack, 9 of 10 times it crashes Cubase. Am I the only one having problems with Halion ?

Here is a little preview. Clean Cubase project, adding Halion and boom.


Is the crash still reproducible with the latest updates? [CAN-17779]

I just analysed the crash-log, the one with HALion on the stack and will inform the HALion team about it.

Meanwhile, did you ever try to trash the HALion prefs? Please back them up before, and if that helps, it would be nice if you could provide them to us for analysis.

ive had crash issues with halion 6 since day one how do you trash your halion prefs?


It’s the same as trash Cubase preferences. Delete Cubase/HALion folder from:
Win: %appData% Steinberg
Mac: ~user/Library/Preferences/

thanks sorry late reply I didn’t see I had a notification …

Hey guys. Same here. New PC, Win10, CB11Pro.
Can run mixing sessions with over 65 tracks and almost 250 plugins (stress test configuration) for ever.

Opening a new project with instruments and effects plugins. No problem whatever I load and play.

Adding Halion6… .crashes Cubase every single time. Everything on latest versions.

Guys, what’s up here? Got over 400 working plugins. Why in all names is a Steinberg plugin crashing Cubase and not a third party plugin?

Halion6 itself is unstable. Sometimes you can play an instrument for an hour and suddenly no tone or only glitches. Have to close and reload Galion completely when that happens and it happens very often. This is a big letdown and a great disappointment for me as I had no issues on a win7 machine with CB8pro. I’m very disappointed and plea that you please build a patch to make Halion6 stable again. I spent so much money for libraries (which I love) as well as for CB (which I love) and that’s a no go imo.

Please fix that as soon as possible with a non payed patch. Or alternatively help us with a working workaround. Thank you for caring and taking the needed action.


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