Cubase crashed during vst connect pro recording

Hi folks,
a few day ago I had a recordiing session with vst connect pro. The performer used a mac, I use pc. Everything worked well until I tried to record the audio from his VST Instrument an the Midi data at the same time. Cubase crashed. That happend two times. I found the crash.dmp files but I can not read them, it’s only code. Is some one out there who can read them? Or tell me what to do with them? I am not sure is it a bug, or did we something wrong?
Cubase 64bit 2020.4.23 (1.32 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2020.4.23 (1.47 MB)

thanks, we will look into it. Only we can resolve these, without the program code it means nothing.

Ok, thanks for the dump.

a) you should update to 4.0.42 here:

b) your crash has been fixed in 4.0.43 which we hope to release on Tuesday. Thanks for finding it!

Thanks for your quick answer. There is another thing I just whant to mention: the Connection over LAN does not work (4.0.42 Pro).
Error: “Sorry you can not connect within your local network. Make sure both sides use the same and up-to-date version!” It worked perfectly with 4.0.40

a) you need the PRO version for local connections (ok I know you have that, just in case).
b) do not log in, only use the blue LAN button in the Performer once both computers have started VST Connect.