Cubase Crashed Unexpectedly after closing

Every time I close cubase on my macbook air it tells me Cubase has crashed. It’s not any particular problem because it’s been pretty stable while running. Just a weird nuisance. Macbook Air, 2011 with 2GHz Core i7, 8 GB RAM, OSX 10.8.2.

yes …we have it on pc also…
as far as i know there have been several posts on this subject and as far as i know this first arose in v6…
it has been mooted that the program closes to quickly for all the other stuff inside it and windows or the os wont let it go … but the more i think about that it seems total rubbish… but you never know…
what i find good to know is you apple guys are having this problem also…

i get it more since v7 and sometimes it crashes my GUI in my windows … meaning its a cold reset …
one thing i have noticed and find disturbing is in windows we have a utility called the “Task manager” in here we can see all running programs and their memory usage and the disturbing thing is that even after cubase has been closed down it is still resident in the memory and very much active… this means in my eyes that there seems to be small conflict in windows with the steinberg program but… its in apple also… so this must mean the problem lays in or with cubase…

to be honest this is nothing too bad because we have finished the job and have closed the program right ??..
unless a crash occurs and then the brown stuff hits the fan …

good luck in finding out what this is … i cant …

I am on osx and it does the same sometimes, congratulations to steinberg for making the code truly cross platform, impressive!

Mine crashes on exit even if I don’t load a project!

Here’s another one with the same issue, OSX Mountain Lion.

Same here and the prob is intermittent.
And I hate that!

Not a show stopper but can be annoying and very embarrassing
in the presence of clients.

I used to think the prob was 3rd party 32 bit/VST Bridge stuff.

But this issue also happens when using all Steiny stuff at 64 bit
and no bridge.

And as Steve posted this can happen without even loading a project.

Sometimes it will happen by just simply opening and closing Cubase.

—go figure