Cubase crashed: USB-Keyboard is not recognized on next start

  1. Start Cubase Pro 8 and load a project, wait for Cubase Pro 8 to crash
  2. End Cubase Pro 8 Task in Task Manager if required
  3. Start Cubase Pro 8 again, load a project
    -> Result = USB-Keyboard is no longer recognized by Cubase Pro 8 unless you turn off the keyboard and on again in between the crash and new start.

System specs are as stated in my signature.

Yes - same here

The driver is not released, that is normal behavior for any program crashing and not being able to release the drivers. Happens to any DAW or application depending on drivers, at least on windows OS.

Never happened in 7.5 and earlier versions even after a billion Cubase crashes. Not once.

I’m not talking about you, but in general about some people here in this forum: I really wonder why so many people here believe Steinberg is god and whenever Cubase causes troubles, issues or fails miserably due to incompatibilities coming with new versions, we’re told we’re wrong or stupid not able to run a buggy Cubase properly. When Cubase 8 does things that 7.5 didn’t, it definitely is a Cubase 8 issue and has to be addressed by Steinberg. I’m paying for a software that can be used. Not to be a lifetime beta tester.

Well, it should not crash in the first place, agree.



this is not a bug with Cubase… come on… It is definitely system related, and there are tones of troubleshooting information out there to solve this issue. Look up for the eLicenser troubleshooting KB-Article in our website for starters.


I doubt it. Why should it be system related? You’re just assuming, right?