Cubase crashed while checking the license

A few days ago, when I opened the cubase, it began to crash while checking the license. I haven’t made any changes to the system and software before, and I don’t know what caused this problem.

I tried to update version 12.0.40, but the update did not solve this problem, and the software will still crash.

Do I need to try to delete the existing license and reactivate the software?

When I open the strinberg activation manager, the software always shows a “loading” prompt. Is the cubase crash related to the work of this software?
Cubase 12-2022-08-06-114352.ips (12.6 KB)

Looking forward to getting help, thank you!


Make sure the Steinberg Download Assistant, eLCC and iLok/PACE (if you are using it) softwares are up to date, please.

Hello, my cubase12 uses Steinberg ID activation. So I’m trying to delete all the files of Steinberg Activation Manager and reinstall the program, and now my cubase can be started and used.

I think maybe it’s because some bugs in Steinberg Activation Manager caused cubase to crash?

Because recently, when cubase starts, the time taken by checking the license has gradually become longer. I’m not sure whether my network connection fluctuates or for other reasons.

My eLCC and iLok software are the latest versions.

Thank you