Cubase crashes after adding FX Channel?

I’m having a problem with Cubase 6 which is starting to be a bit annoying…

It seems that Cubase freaks out and crashes when I add an FX channel with a pre-loaded effect.
For example, when I create an FX Channel and preload it with Roomworks SE, Stereo, and hit “Add Track”, it immediately crashes with a C++ Runtime Library error.

My specs are:
Cubase 6 32-bit
WindowS XP SP3 32-bit
Intel Q9450 QuadCore, 6gb RAM
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

I know that my OS is “unsupported”, but everything else works fine.

Has anyone had this problem also, or is it just me?

No problems here, and yes, being on XP makes it harder to get any help off course.
Sometimes weird anomalies get into Cubase after working with it a while. Then you could try
trashing preferences:

Deleting Cubase folder in the data application folder
You will also delete preferences, keycommands, mediabay meta’s and such so first make a copy of that folder somewhere else just in case. You can also rename that folder, that way Cubase will create a new one when you boot up.