Cubase crashes after pc hibernate

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after coming back from windows 7 hibernate (with cubase open) Cubase 8 pro will not work properly any more.

I can start playback and it plays, when in the arrange view after a couple of times hitting the space bar it also shows the playback cursor moving but as soon as i open the mixer it stops doing anything.

Anyone else with this issue?

Windows 7 64bi; Cubase 8 pro; Intel Xeon; Nvidia gtx 970

C7x does that with me. So I avoid it.
I guess there are problems with all the related software waking up at the same time???

What ??? your audio interface goes to sleep and so does the graphics and midi , you should disable hibernation, it’s not cubases fault , it’s always been like it .
You should set all your power management to “never sleep”

Disable hibernation!

You should never use that in a multimedia and production environment!
People do all kinds of bad tweaks on their systems but this tweak is one of the few tweaks that you actually should do.

Even more important and especially if you use a SSD-disk on the "Windows C:-disk.

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Disabling Hibernation/Sleep was how I avoided it. Perhaps I should have said that!

What!? Yes of course!

This works fine with Cubase 7.5 and all previous Cubase versions as well as e.g. Adobe CC or Maxon Cinema 4D etc…

I have no shady system tweaks done with my system. This is a useful windows function, same like on a mac…

When i come to my studio/workspace i want to move the mouse and everything is up and running like i am used to it for years…

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PS: i don´t need to disable hibernation completely, just close cubase and reopen it…

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Fair enough , if you don’t want to follow Steinbergs recommendations then good luck with your laptop :wink:

Have you checked to see if your setting have altered with any windows updates which might of reset your power management settings ?

Not quite. While sometimes hibernation would not crash previous versions of Cubase, often it would crash them. It can depend quite a bit on your specific hardware and configuration. I suspect (but don’t really know) that on many systems Cubase will wake up before the audio interface is functional and crashes when it tries to talk to the interface.

As a general rule when using any memory intensive application (which DAWs are) you’ll have less overall problems if you boot up clean before each use. Entering and exiting hibernation can leave a lot of crap lying around.

I think you need to listen to the good advice given here. Believe me you are on a hiding to nothing. It is ok to hibernate the computer instead of turning it off - in fact there was an article about that in Sound On Sound. Does not take that much time to load up cubase. Especially if you have an SSD C Drive.

Sound on Sound? Like as if they knew. :laughing:

No take my advice and disable hibernation and don’t use sleep either. :exclamation:

If you use SSD’s this is even more important. If you installed example 16GB RAM, hibernation will steal 16GB of your SSD disk space for what? Giving you problems?
If you disable hibernation you will free up the same amount of disk space as you have RAM installed.

Secondly: When you wake up after hibernation, the information that were stored in the RAM memory during hibernation time sometimes get corrupted that can cause Cubase and all other system component fail in windows.
Sometime it can even cause BSOD crash.

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I expect you are right. I always switch off after a session and never leave a project open.

Thank you guys for your input and advice!

My system is a dual Xeon machine with 32gb ram and ssd for system.

Fact is that i did not had any problems with this issue! With any program. Only that Cubase did´t recognize an midi-keyboard device (wich has to be easily re-connect without restarting cubase).

You know, creativity first, :smiley: so i want to go in the studio and proceed creating where i left it… Like i am used to… :slight_smile:

I ordered the windows 8 upgrade and i will go into detail on system settings for hibernation when i have time…

Thank you again!

I am testing cubase on a fresh win 8.1 pro and there is no problem with hibernate, sleep, etc… :slight_smile:

So i broke my rule of only updating windows every second version, but anyhow… :smiley:

Happy mixing everyone!

I use hibernate all the time - no problems. BUT, my system never goes into hibernation when Cubase is running - even if idle. I assumed Cubase automatically disabled hibernation when it was running. Pretty sure there is an option to "disable “C” states somewhere. Maybe i’m confusing it with a bios setting.


it would never go to sleep by itself when cubase is running but instead of “turn off” i use “sleep” no matter what software is running…