Cubase crashes after recent windows updates

My cubase elements 10.5 started freezing and crashing constantly after recent windows updates.
the 1st thing I did was upgrade to cubase elements 11.
Still the same problem.
I am using focusrite solo.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.3.24 (719.9 KB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.3.24 (553.3 KB)

I’ve not experienced any crashes but I can attest to recent Win 1o updates which “interfere” with the Cubase startup sequence i.e., now (for about a month), I get a dialogue box which asks me if I want to allow Cubase to make changes to my system. The message is concerned with disk access and can be overcome by clicking on “Yes”.

However, I did complain directly to Microsoft about this and asked if there were any other changes that I should be aware of. I also pointed out that I found the scenario of Win 1o suddenly not “trusting” Cubase to be absurd i.e., “Why is Win 1o questioning the authenticity of a product produced by Steinberg, a part of Yamaha no less? Steinberg, Yamaha; you have heard of them, right?”

Needless to say, I haven’t received a response and the messages continue.

Not sure if this helps but posted in good faith.

Be safe.

sound Very frustrating.
But I’ve got some good news.
I sat a few good hours until I found this manual
anyway, it only took forever,
but after I’ve deleted all the mentioned above files, including logs and all that sort of stuff,
and then got a new activation code through mySteinberg, the crashes finally stoped
It was horrible