Cubase crashes in 8.0.20 if you're using JBRIDGE

As the title says, I made the update and now all my bridged files are gone.
Upon rescanning the 32 to 64 plugins folder Cubase crashes.
I will have to revert back to 8.0.10 until JBRIDGE gets updated.

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My Jbridged plugs are all working fine.

No doubt it’ll be a particular plug…if you want to trace the problem plug create a temp folder and move the jbridged dlls to this folder, then move back a few at a time to the vstplug folder that Cubase is looking for while restarting Cubase ech time to check it doesn’t crash.

Maybe not a view shared by everyone, but my personal opinion is that plugin rescan in the plugin information/manager window has always been a bit crashy.

I always restart Cubase and let the plugs get scanned on startup.

What version of JBridge do you have?

Grim : I kinda have a lot of them in hundreds of folders, I might give it a try but it will take time…
Trashdimmer : 1.73, the latest.

By the way, I excluded the bridged folder from the plugin search and Cubase still crashes when closing, rescanning all the plugins when I reopen it…I think I’m going to revert back to 8.0.10…

Hi all

I use Jbridge, no problems here so far.

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I’m using 8.0.20 with the latest JBridge with no problems at all.

The developer gives excellent and timely support. If you haven’t figured out your problem, I would suggest contacting him.

same here no problems

same here no problems

Well, judging from the replies around here it looks like I’m the only unlucky one that can’t make it work.
8.0.20 made my DAW very unstable, it’s actually a crash on the first project opening that made the software reset all the preferences for some reason, including the plugin folders paths, one of which is the 32/64 bridged plugins folder.
I’m putting back the plugins one by one when I open a project and a plugin is missing, hoping that it won’t crash, for now it’s my only workaround.
thanks all for your feedback.