Cubase crashes in ReWire with MaxMSP

Hi there,
Using Cubase 6.0.3 with MaxMSP 5.1.9 in ReWire.
Max is in slave mode and sends midi note messages to Cubase.
Midi track’s input in Cubase is set on ‘‘ReWire 1’’ and Cubase receives the info from Max.
It works great for 10-20 seconds and then Cubase stops receiving from Max. Max is still sending midi infos, I can see them and hear them if I switch the driver, but for some reason Cubase stops receiving.
I have to restart both softwares, and to re-open them to get another 10 seconds.
Cubase even crashes when I try to record the incoming midi note messages.
What is going on here ?
Do someone does the same kind of stuff (sending midi notes to Cubase from a ReWire slave) ?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

ps : forget to mention I usa a MacBook Pro, but I had the exact same issue with my PC windows 7 and Cubase 5…


this “Max” program is very “experimental”. Did you tried Version 6 ?



Thanks for your reply.
What you mean by ‘‘very experimental’’ ?
It’s working great with reason, there is no reason it doesn’t with Cubase. And I’m using it for years, never experiment particular issues.
Max 6 is actually only a beta version until now. I’ll try with it as soon as they release the stable version.
I have the feeling my issue comes from Cubase though, since it’s Cubase who stops receiving the infos and crashes, not Max.

Hey Florent
Have you been able to solve this problem? I actually have the same with Windows 7 64bit.