Cubase crashes my Mac

Hey guys,

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 7 last Friday. It crashed my entire system straight out of the box, several times. Unusable.
Today I spent the whole day working in Ableton without a hiccup, but when I went back to Cubase earlier, it did that again. The same thing.
It crashes the computer after a few minutes. Again and again and again. The screen goes all rainbow colours and the sound gets stuck like a CD skipping.

This is definitely a Cubase issue as my system is really stable and the only time I experience any kind of instability is when I’m using Cubase, I learned to live and deal with it. This is however a bit too severe. I’m afraid it’s actually going to seriously damage my computer or the harddisks.
The crash log says nVidia GeForce, so the only explanation I can come up with is that the new mixer GUI is so horrendous, the video cards goes catatonic trying to render 1000 shades of ugly & shuts down.

I’m on OSX 10.8.2 (it did that on 10.6.8 as well though), 8GB RAM, Core i7 Mac Book Pro.
I’m using a PT digi 003 interface and I also had Cubase iC Pro, Maschine mk2, BCF-2000, Oxygen 49 and Novation Launchpad connected at the time along with 3 HDDs.

Any advice? Biggest workflow killer ever.

*EDIT: Here’s a photo of what it does to my computer screen:

It’s definitely a your system issue, since I have never experienced a single crash with C7 on my mac…
Try to clean the preferences. It could also be a problem related to your audio interface.

Stable here.

I think I’ll try and uninstall C7 and 6.5 completely and reinstall all my audio drivers. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a interface issue as I’m still using the digi 003, which is awful.
Not sure so much about “system issue” though as I’m also regularly running Ableton, Maschine and Cubase 6.5 for days at a time and not a hiccup. So “System issue” in relation to Cubase 7 perhaps, which makes it a Cubase issue for me. haha

Aloha X,

After re-installing Cubase 7 but BEFORE installing any 3rd party
audio drivers etc, see if you can get Cubase to run using
the Mac’s ‘built-in audio’ card.

It will sound terrible but at least you will know
if Cubase 7 is really incompatible with your Mac, or
if your prob is a 3rd party driver issue.

HTH (hope this helps)