Cubase crashes on dual monitors

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with Cubase 10 Pro, where it has a high likelihood to crash if I am working with dual monitors (one is on my laptop and the other one is plugged in externaly). Cubase pretty much never crashes when it is just one monitor, however, when I use two it can crash pretty frequently

Any thoughts?

That’s a strange one,
I have the same sort of set up,
Laptop, Monitor connected via HDMI.
I have the main Cubase Artist 10.5 open on my Laptop full screen and then all other open windows go on to my external 23" monitor including the mixer in full screen view, Which I have just above my Laptop,
Never so much as a fart.
I can only ask if all drivers are up to date, Windows 10 and graphics card.
Regards Dave.