Cubase crashes on exit when I have Ableton Live 9 installed

Same here. Removing the rewire.dll solves the crashing on exit.

Thanks for this info.


Please share the information widely!

Thanks for finding this solution - it drived me crazy like too!

I investigated some more research to the rewire.dll and found this:

  • Steinberg installes and uses rewire.dll in \Windows\System32 (32bit) and \Windows\SysWOW64 (64bit) with fileversion and product version 2.6.4.
  • Ableton installes and uses older rewire.dll in \Program Files\Common Files\Propellerhead Software\ReWire (64bit) with fileversion and product version 2.6.0.
  • if you copy the newer “steinberg” dlls to the place where ableton expects it, you will get a error message in abelton that “activating the rewire system did not work. rewire will be disabled” BUT ableton will not replace the existing rewire.dll.

So finaly you can work with both programs, ableton and steinberg, but without rewire of course.

hopefully, ableton will update the rewire interface soon…


Good sleuthing - at least through all this I hope steiny and ableton find a way forward. This bothered me as a bug for ages

Here’s a little update:

Indeed, Cubase is saying the problem is with Ableton and vice versa. I suggested to them both to have a little chat about this together.
Also, Steinberg said that they haven’t been made aware of this issue before, so if you experience this it might be a good idea to report it.

Thanks. I will send a report just in case they actually are not aware of the fact that this issue exists.

Ableton today updated Live to 9.7.2 - Rewire dll situation is the same as mentioned befor!

“…remeber: don’t panic!”

yeah, I am starting to think the problem is cubase related though.
Yesterday I updated my waves plugins, which apparently also writes a ReWire.dll into the afore mentioned folder. And voila, Cubase crashed again upon closing…

Hi, I missed this thread previously - there are known issues in combination with Ableton, my first report about it dates back almost one year. Once the investigation was complete on our side, our devs contacted Ableton, who confirmed and was working on a solution. At this point it is not clear to which extent this issue is related to ReWire (might be two distinct issues or two aspects of the same problem).

Ableton updated Live to Version 9.7.3 and Steinberg upgraded Nuendo to Version 8.0.10.
ReWire Situation exactly the same as many versions ago…

Lot’s of patience needed.

Solved my problem with crashing on exit with Ableton Live Lite 9 - THANKS!

no problem :smiley:

Thank you! I had a problem launching Live 9 Lite in slave mode to Cubase 8.5 under windows 10. Deleted that ReWire.dll according to the great help in this thread and…Viola! Live runs like a charm in slave mode.
As expected Live prompt to run Installhelp.exe at launch and created the DLL file. Then closing Live and opening it under CPRO was successful.

It is still a mass!! I was happy too soon :unamused:

Just updated to Cubase Pro 9.5 and the issue persists.

From my point of view it looks like a problem on Steinberg’s site though. When I deleted the Propellerhead folder, Cubase shut down correctly.
Then, without starting Live or anything else, I did a repair installation of Cubase. This actually re-created the Propellerhead folder along with the Rewire DLL, causing Cubase to crash on the next exit.

Also, turning on the Windows 8 compatibilty mode seems to solve the issue. Unfortunately, this is no option for me because it messes up the window borders in a very distracting way.

Anyone tried Live 10 yet?

It seems that with the latest maintenance fix (9.5.10) there is finally a workaround for this issue.
ReWire is deactivated by default (section “Additional improvements” in the version history) and indeed I experienced no more crashes thus far, even with the rewire.dll in the Propellerhead folder.