Cubase Crashes on rerecord mode but

ok this is a weird one. i have a Komplete Kontrol s61 mkII, an Ableton push 2, a stream deck, a CC121 with the foot pedal attached to activate record. if i am using the Rerecord mode in Cubase 13 and I push record on either the S61, the Push or the Stream Deck, Cubase will freeze but the audio will keep playing. the only way out is to force quit Cubase in the Task Manager. if i use my foot switch and/or the CC121 it does not crash. this is not an issue in Cubase 12. any ideas?

thanks in advance


Could you please make the DMP file by using the Microsoft ProcDump utility?

thanks for the reply
ive never done this before but i googled instructions on how to and installed procdump from here

then i recreated the rerecord issue, Cubase froze. I opened task manager and right clicked on Cubase in Apps but “create dump file” is greyed out and cant be selected. what am i doing wrong? it is greyed out for all apps but not greyed out for background processes.