Cubase crashes on second startup

Hello. So Cubase 11 Pro (and 12 Pro) run fine on first startup of my Win10 system. However once I close it and try starting it again, it crashes. The splash screen loads fine, but once Steinberg Hub opens up it becomes non-responsive.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start Windows 10 (up to date - 19044.2006)
  • Start Cubase Pro
  • Close Cubase Pro completely
  • Start Cubase Pro again
  • Crashes

My system specs:

  • Asus ROG laptop
  • 5900hx
  • 64 GiB 3200 MHz RAM
  • 3060/Radeon Hybrid graphics
  • 217 GiB free on C drive

Steps I’ve tried:

Update Radeon drivers (both Asus-provided and AMD generic)
Update Nvidia drivers

Disabled and uninstalled all Asus related software (Armory crate, update services etc)

Disabled 3rd party plugins (no help)

Disabled preferences (no help)

I’ve submitted a crash dump via the C12 crash notification screen but I can attach it again if needed.

Yes, please attach the .dmp file to your post if you can.

Cubase 64bit 2022.9.23 (914.2 KB)

Here’s the dmp file that C12 created. For some reason 11 wasn’t creating it, even though the behaviour is identical.

I recorded a video of the crash as well but I’m not allowed to post links apparently.

According to the dump file, this driver seem to be the problem:

You have version Is there any newer versions available?
Can you test by disconnecting (or even uninstalling) your Korg device?

Thanks so much for the quick resolution mlindeb!

I updated to the latest driver (1.15.r49e) from the Korg website and the problem seems to have resolved itself.

Edit: I was curious, so I did some research and found that the .dmp files are standard Windows debug dumps. I was able to read it using WinDbg Preview on the Microsoft store. Hopefully next time something like this happens I’ll be able to diagnose it better :slight_smile:

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