Cubase Crashes on startup

Cubase have work flawlessly on my new studio computer for the last couple of months, but suddenly it refused to start anymore. It all started when I had to reinstall my UAD driver because it became unresponsive, every other DAW on my system still works fine (Pro Tools & Logic). The crash occurs after the initial load screen, and i see the “new project menu” before it crashes after 1 second or so…

Currently running
OS X 10.10.4 with Cubase Pro 8.0.20 (64bit)

Heres the crash log:
Cubase (23.7 KB)

Hi, you have a haxie installed which is responsible for this crash.
Please disable it. Responsible is an application called SIMBL. It loads plugins located at :

/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/

Remove this directory and Cubase should start again.


oh, i had a copy of cbar which i believed i uninstalled, it turns out it was in the plugin directory folder! Thank you very much, such a stupid problem :stuck_out_tongue: