Cubase crashes opening a project saved in Cubase 9.5

I have the Cubase 10.0.12 installed. I tried to open a project that I had worked on in Cubase 9.5. Cubase crashes while trying to load a particular track on the mix console. The track has the Kontakt instrument library Cinesamples “Voices of War - Men Of The North”. Patch is “15 Inhale”.

I started Cubase in Safe Mode and turned off the preferences. Then the project would open.

So, how can it be determined what preference is causing the issue now in Cubase 10.5?


Well, this is just bizarre.

I had opened Cubase in Safe Mode and bypassed the preferences so that the project would open. I then, on the track reported to have a problem during open, bumped the patch in the Kontakt “Men Of The North” library to the next one. Then I saved the project as a new file, and closed Cubase.

Then I opened the project normally, and it worked (FYI, previously when I saved the project to a new file without changing that patch it would not open, so changing the patch made a difference).

Then I set the patch back to the original one, and saved the project as a new file. Then I opened that project, now without issue. Then I closed the project.

Then I opened the old original project file that I couldn’t open previously, and it now opens.

So, something happened in doing all the patch changing and saving that did something to a preference, is my guess. But only Steinberg Jesus knows for sure.

Very strange.