Cubase crashes shortly after Channel Settings is opened

I have used Cubase Elements 9 and 9.5. Since the installation of 9.5, the program crashes once the “Channel Setting” window/tab is opened. I have done several things (see listing below) to get this rectified but without much success which is severely impacting my ability to work.

To be honest, I have considered other DAWs such as Studio One 3 but somehow I prefer working in Cubase hence why I am actually on this forum posting. I have searched the forum but didn’t find anything specific to channel settings for 9.5. Please pardon if I missed it.

Since I am considering an upgrade to the Artist or Pro version, it would not make sense if I cannot get this version to work properly as there is no guarantee that the problem will go away. Something that really solves the issue would be much appreciated.

Actions Taken:

  • Disable Plugins/VSTs
  • Re-installing Plugins/VSTs
  • Remove Plugins/VSTs
  • Disable preferences
  • Delete preferences
  • Update e-Licenser
  • Re-install e-Licenser
  • Activate “Safe Mode”
  • Install all Cubase Elements 9.5 updates
  • Uninstall and re-install Cubase Elements 9.5 with and without updates

Setup Specs:
Processor - AMD A12, 2.5 GHz
RAM - 12 Gb

See the dump files:
Cubase Elements 9.5 crash (355 KB)


Are you on Windows 7?

No, currently running Windows 10


What graphics card do you have, please? If you have a NVIDIA, please follow this article.

I passed the crash dump over to Steinberg.

Thanks for your attention on the matter.

I have a laptop with an AMD R7 graphics card.

I sent you a PM.