Cubase Crashes unexpectedly - too many times

I have experienced the random crash previously but today it is happening repeatedly.
I’ve attached the last crash report if anyone can help I’ll be grateful.
Cubase 10.5_2020-11-11-143118_Garys-Mac-Mini.crash (196 KB)


Do you know the last steps you did before the crash, please?

I clicked on a track in order to move its contents to a new track. It crashed every time


Do I understand you right, you clicked to the track in the track list?

Reported to Steinberg CAN-32411.

Yes that’s right.


Thank you for the details.

This issue has been already reported. Mouse click initiates writing of a MIDI-File for drag and drop. The problem is, the project is based on a Cubase Elements/LE/AI project (can you confirm this, please?), which has no MIDI-Plugins at all.

The only work around is to create new track first and then copy the tracks content.

Thanks Martin. Yes I did start of with LE/AI and upgraded to Pro a few months ago.
The song is new and created with Pro. I did create a new track before I tried to drag and drop.