Cubase crashes when connecting to VEP 6


I’m on a Mac Pro (OS Sierra) and my Cubase 9.1.10 keeps freezing when connecting (just after I press “Connect”) to my VEP 6.0.15843 Server (64) where is loaded my server project template (same machine). This always happens when I open for the second time the Cubase project I’ve just saved.
In fact, if I open an empty project everything works fine, I can successfully load VEP 6 Vst3 and connect it to an empty VEP 6 Server, then I start building my template by loading samples in Kontakt 5.6.6 (AU) instances. The problem occurs when I try to re-open the saved project, where Cubase is stucked on “Loading Mix Console” and Vienna only open an empty “unpreserved” server instance. I have tried by loading the VEP Vst (not version 3), by disabling Asio Guard for VEP with not success, Cubase keeps freezing.
My server project file loaded in VEP Server 64 is made of one instance, 8 Kontakts and orchestral samples from the OT Berlin Strings and Brass.

Thank you in advance for your help,


I’ve made several attempts and it seems that it happens only with libraries from the Orchestral Tools Berlin Series.
I’m doing further investigation to understand if there is any specific sample from that library which is causing this freeze.
Everything with other libraries (like 8Dio and Cinesamples) seems fine and working.
So, from what I understand, the freezing process is: Kontakt can’t recall the “X” Berlin sample, so VEP waits for Kontakt,and Cubase freeze waiting for VEP.
What do you think could be the solution?


I think I have found a workaround and the issue is not related to the OT Berlin samples or any other libraries.
It probably occurs with my specific configuration, I’m not sure about this, but I think it may be useful to share this solution with other users that may have the same issue.
If I load more than 17-18 gb of RAM (referring to VEP’s memory info in Activity Monitor) in just one single instance of VEP, I get my sequencer (Cubase) freezing on loading the project. So, having this number in mind, when I get close to that amount of RAM I just switch to the next VEP’s instance. So, for my case, it seems to be a memory cap for single VEP’s instance.
To be more specific: If I create an empty project with Cubase and I connect it to VEP Server 64 bit (same machine) I can exceed that number for single instance (17-18 gb) but I won’t be able to load that project anymore. Forgot to mention my system’s RAM is 128 GB ddr4 and my macOS is Sierra (10.12.3), my Cubase version is 9.0.10 and Kontakt is 5.6.6
Hope it helps other users that may have the same issue.

I believe I have a similar problem to this. I will open a VEP 6 server project before I open Cubase. And then when I open the coresponding Cubase project, Cubase will freeze before it can open the project, and it will subsequently cause VEP to freeze as well. So this might be because of the OT or RAM max out issues you have discovered. Though if I open the Cubase project first, and then open VEP, they both operate fine, except I have to go through and manually reconnect all of my VEP plugins in Cubase back to the instances in VEP every time I open the project. I haven’t figured out any sort of work around. It’s awful.

Maybe this could be something related to macOS Sierra; I have a dear friend that has the same configuration that I have, with the exception of having El Capitain instead of Sierra, and he could not replicate this problem, everything was fine with his system.

The same on Win 10, Cubase 9.0.20, VEP 6 Pro and 64 GB of system RAM. What a nightmare… I can´t open my big orchestral template any more

Same problem here. Ve pro hangs when connecting Nuendo 7 to Ve pro. It happens only with Orchestral Tools libraries. Using Mac Pro 5.1 Sierra 10.12.5 (16F73), Nuendo 7.1.35, Ve Pro 6.0.16068.

just confirmed that it doesn’t work on El Capitan either :frowning: