Cubase crashes when editing CC with pencil tool


The title is self explanatory, still I screenshoted the issue in this 15 seconds video: steinberg bug - VEED

Something tells me it’s related to the memory so I included a view of the activity monitor (tho I don’t really understand how to analyse it…) as well as kontakt’s expert engine window.

The other thing that tells me it’s memory related is that I think it only happens with projects that already contains a bunch of tracks… (I only have 8 GB of RAM)

I have been bottling up this issue that I actually have ever since I got Cubase few months ago and I would very much appreciate some help about that…

Thanks a lot!

(mac m1) Cubase pro 12

The crash log might be helpful.Can you upload it?

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Here’s the last crash report:
Cubase 12-2022-11-20-005656.ips (393.0 KB)

Thanks :confused: