Cubase crashes when editing chord track

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a chord track with chords defined

  2. Double click a chord symbol to open the chord assistant

  3. On midi keyboard press keys for the new chord

  4. Bang Cubase crashes, this used to work fine in 10.5
    Cubase 64bit 2020.11.12 (1.95 MB)

I tried to recreate you issue (I’m just a user nothing to do with Steinberg) - works fine here (Windows)

Can’t reproduce it either.

Very nasty crash though, the data from the Cubase MIDI parse thread has binary zeros and has caused a general protection fault when a MOV instruction was executed against the duff address. Have you got a different MIDI interface available on your PC which you can try using to see if the MIDI driver is passing duff data or it’s a bug in Windows or Cubase.

My controller is a NI S61 connected via USB nothing else.

Have the same here with nuendo 11.0.41
dbl clic chord to edit, select a chord with mouse
crash dump.
(not always but just happened)