Cubase crashes when I add new stereo tracks

I’ve been using 8.0.1 for six months, never had this problem before.

Well strictly speaking, I’m duplicating the existing empty stereo tracks. Which I have it as a key command (ctrl+shift+d).

The most recent change was that I got a Babyface Pro, and I’ve added/duplicated new stereo tracks just fine.

I don’t understand the sudden crashing… :frowning:

Any ideas?

In existing project?
In new project?
Anything on those empty tracks…insert plugs?
Tried safe mode or trashing prefs?

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
New project.
Empty tracks, so no plugins or EQ settings at all. Although it is routed to a group channel.
Don’t know what safe mode or trashing prefs are.

Never had this problem… why now :frowning:

Thanks. I’ll try it out.

But what does it mean by “prefs”? Does it include everything I changed in my Cubase settings like color scheme and key-commands and such?

I’m afraid prefs does mean anything that you set in Cubase/File/Preferences…not Key Commands or macros though.

Try the safe start first…this is a temporary way to start with default preferences. If this doesn’t work then there is no point in trashing preferences.

Another thing…are you starting from a template of some sort or a completely empty project?

Thank you for your swift reply!

I’ve started from a template that I made.

And I will try the safe-mode once I get to my studio.

It’s probably the template…try empty project.