Cubase crashes when I load Electric Sunburst library for Kontakt


I’m having a problem working on Cubase recently -
When I load the VST ‘electric sunburst’, my Cubase crashes.

It’s important to specify the library because before this problem, I had another one - I attempted a few times to change the BPM of a project while this library was in the project. Cubase then crashed.
When I understood the problem came from this VST, surely because of its tempo-sync, I just removed the library from the project, changed the BPM and loaded the library again.
Worked fine until now when Cubase crashes just by loading the VST.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Update: I loaded the VST in a new project and it loaded perfectly. I even tried to change the tempo afterwards and it worked.

In general, if Cubase crashes when you load a VST, it is a bug in the plugin and there is not much you can do except file a bug report with the plugin vendor.

I agree but the plug-in works perfectly when loaded into a new project, how would you explain that?

Is this a plug-in or the Electric Sunburst library for Kontakt?

Different scenarios may yield different results, I know, not very helpful, but without any further info it is hard to tell as I am not the developer.

Have you removed all the plugin instances from the project, saved and restarted Cubase, open the project and still crashed upon loading that very plugin? I agree that would sound weird, but weird sh*t happens in computing.

You could upload the crashdump here, and we can check whether the crash happens Cubase or the plugin.

My bad for the misunderstanding, it’s the Electric Sunburst libraries for Kontakt. The regular one and the deluxe version.

I removed only the Electric Sunburst series as it appears to be the source of the problem.
How can I find the crashdump?

Help anyone?