Cubase crashes when importing an XML file

If I try to important XML files, Cubase Pro crashes every time. The files load and the arrange page shows the import, but the mixer remains empty and Cubase freezes.

These XML files are created by Sibelius 7,5, but if I import the files into Dorico, all is well, if I then export the XML from Dorico, then Cubase loads that in all OK. So there is a work around, but something is wrong with Cubase dealing with xml files, as Dorico doesn’t react badly and crash like Cubase does.


Are these MusicXML files?

Could you attach one of the file, please?

Could you attach a crash dump created (Documents/Steinberg/crash dumps)?

Yes, they are musicxml files, non compressed

attached is the first page of a score, and it simply crashes Cubase,

although Cubase just freezes, and so no crash dump file is created
test C.rar (12.5 KB)


I tried to reproduce it, but it works to me here. I tested on macOS 10.13 and Windows 10.