Cubase crashes when loading kontakt channel

The VST loads perfectly fine in other projects and can be opened in new projects, except for just oke project. During the loading mix console, the loader hangs and my whole computer freezes. I think the project was created before the latest cubase update.

I’m using cubase 10 pro


The crash dump file might point to the place, where does it crash (if it’s in Cubase or in Kontakt). Please, make sure your Cubase and Kontakt are up to date.

Hi thanks for the reply,

If I were to get a newer version on Kontakt, and remove the old one (V5), would the Cubase still be able to recognise the files?

but also, this isssue is only present in particular cubase projects so im wondering why an update would fix it? Especially because it causes my whole system to freeze. It doesn’t actually get the chance to create a dmp file