Cubase Crashes When Loading Project - SOLVED

Cubase 9.0 and 9.5 would crash when I opened a project that I had worked on the previous night. It stopped loading the Project and then Cubase closed.
This Solution applies to a Windows PC. I don’t know if it can be relevant to a MAC.

Cubase was still present in the Task Manager and would not forcibly close.
After reboot, some older recordings and some *.bak worked, but when I switched back to my current Project, it would fail again.

I have been having this problem for a year or more.
I created a work-around but it’s a pain.
I finally took the time to analyze the problem…

The problem is a conflict between the HALion VST Instrument and, in my case, the Lexicon REVERB.
If there is an Active MIDI track created with HALion, the project will crash when it is reopened.
Note: if the HALion VST Instrument track has just been created, it will not crash UNTIL Midi data has been recorded. Once it has been recorded and saved, deleting the MIDI information will have no effect. If the MIDI track is not disabled, it WILL STILL crash when re-loading the Project.

There does NOT have to be any Sends assigned to the reverb, from the MIDI channel, for this to occur.

BTW, I have had no problem with other VST Instruments, but there are others that I am unable to include in the testing.

If Cubase just crashed, reboot your Computer.

Note: I recommend that you run Chkdsk /f to minimize false test results…
R-click the c: drive/ Properties/ Tools/ Check. If you are prompted to schedule the Chkdsk when you reboot… confirm.

Verify that elicense and iLok are up to date. Also, any VSTs, Drivers or other software.

How to access the Project to Troubleshoot and address the problem:
Note: you may have a different VST that is conflicting with HALion. If so, substitute that VST with the Lexicon in the following instructions.

Try to open the project.
Watch closely to the progress of which tracks and channels are being loaded. The last one you view should give a good indication of which VST needs to be pulled from its folder.

Go to the c:\ Program files \ Lexicon folder.
MOVE the ‘LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle 64-bit’ folder to the Desktop.
Launch Cubase. Open the Project. Ignore the error about Lexicon.
Render the MIDI track.
Then Disable the MIDI track. Keep it there, in case you want to continue to work on it at a later time.
Use the Rendered track as your New Active Track.

Note: if you need to Modify the original MIDI track, disable your rendered track, modify the MIDI, and render the track again. Disable the MIDI track. Drag the New rendered version into the Original rendered track. Remove the Vacant rendered track.
Now, any E.Q., Sends, etc will remain set.

Save the project.
Go back to the C:\ Program files \ Lexicon folder.
COPY the ‘LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle 64-bit’ folder from the Desktop back into its original folder.
Now, you can Open the Project and the reverbs will be active and you can continue working. Just remember to always disable the MIDI track before saving.

TIP: Once you have established the desktop folder, you can ‘delete’ the C:\ Program files \ Lexicon\ ‘LXP Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle 64-bit’ folder the next time that you need to access another project that’s giving you the same problem.

This should apply to other VSTs that are causing crashing, as well.
Best wishes…