Cubase crashes when moving 8va line in score window

Since Cubase 8 came out it crashes or freezes when I move a 8va line up or down.
Thought at first it was the file but it happens in multiple files and multiple lay outs of the score window.
Inserting the 8va is no problem but if I move it up or down Cubase freezes and if I am lucky after 10 minutes it works again, if unlucky it is frozen until I kill Cubase manually.

I haven’t seen this happen, myself (but I don’t doubt you! :wink: )
Are you moving the 8va line with the regular Arrow tool or the Hand tool? (try the “other”, see if it still happens :wink: )

On a slight sidenote… I’ve just noticed that, when using the Hand tool (which should really be for simply moving objects graphically), it behaves the same as when using the regular Arrow tool (i.e. dragging to the left or right actually changes what is encompassed by the 8va line). IMHO, that shouldn’t happen with the Hand tool. Whaddya think? ;p)

thanks for your quick reply, vic, as usual :wink: I have moved them with the arrow tool so far. I will try again with the ‘Hand’ tool but like you, I have noticed that in some cases there is no difference between the Hand tool and the arrow tool.