Cubase crashes when opening project from another PC

I use cubase on two computers: my desktop during the day and my laptop during evening.

My current project I’m working on only uses the VSL synchron player. Currently I use 6 instances of that VST.

I use a shared network drive to store my project so I can access it from both machines.
When I finish on my desktop, I shut it down and I can open the project on my laptop without problems.

The issue is when I save from my laptop and later try to open it on my desktop. Cubase opens but crashes after a few seconds before I can do anything.

I tried to upload the crash dump but it’s to big so I uploaded it to my gdrive: Cubase11.exe.17096.dmp - Google Drive

I’m using Cubase 11 pro.


The crash is in the MSVCR120.