Cubase crashes when opening the project

I had a similar problem prior a few days ( Cubase crashes after trying to export, bounce or render in place ), i have putted all of my audio waveforms in a new project and started working again. Today i wanted to open the project, it says it loads in 1-2 seconds, and Cubase crashes.

Cubase 12-2023-08-21-152934.ips (74.0 KB)
Cubase 12-2023-08-21-154020.ips (73.7 KB)
Cubase 12-2023-08-21-153756.ips (74.1 KB)

Can somebody help me since my client is waiting for almost a week and Steinberg apparently cant resolve a gamebreaking bug.

I am starting to suspect something else is going on here. I have had one occasion where my Access Virus was crashing Cubase instantly - confirmed by unplugging the virus and cubase was fine.
I solved the issue by changing the USB port the Virus was connected to.
What do you have plugged in to your computer’s USB ports? - it’s certainly worth trying unplugging everything from USB and opening the project/Cubase.

From memory, you’ve already tried opening Cubase with plugins disabled?

It’s important to note that this likely isn’t a Cubase bug - it’s only affecting you, on your system. The rest of us can open Cubase and work on it fine without crashes. You have up to date OSX, and there doesn’t seem to be loads of users coming here with the same issue. If you attach the project file, I’d be happy to try to open it and see if it opens on my system.


I have unplugged everything from my laptop but still its crashing. I have tried loading without plugins and disabled preferences, but still crashed. Should i maybe try to reinstall cubase?

Thank you for the help, i ll attach the cubase file through google drive since its almost 4gb.

I’ll give it a go - but 3.5gb for a cpr file is huge… I think mine get to about 10-20mb max (just checked, my record is 20mb)
Your file is 2000x larger!

cpr files don’t contain any audio - just data, so really shouldn’t be this big in my experience.

I’ll let you know if I can open it, but I don’t hold out much hope!

I have now compared to my other projects and holy moly its huge. Maybe this is why cubase crashes? I have alot of kontakt instruments in my project ( like 20). Do you know by any chance a way to disable or delete kontakt from an unopened project? Maybe i could just delete de specific library that i used in my project and maybe it will delete by default in cubase?

I can open your 3.5gb file -

The folder containing the Kontakt 7 drums is the issue - if I delete this, the cpr becomes 5mb.
I’ve had a look at the tracks in the folder and can’t see why they are so big - they don’t seem to contain extra midi info - I checked in the list editor…

Kontakt is really designed to be used as a multi-timbral instrument, with one instance containing several “players” - the only thing I can think of is that cubase/NI can’t have quite so many active at once.

I can send you back the 5mb file if you like - with that folder deleted, or you can just import the tracks and uncheck the folder

toby (894.3 KB)

here’s the cpr without that folder (and of course the several NI kontakt instances removed as a result)

You sir are a life saver, thank you so much. From now on i wont use that many kontakt instances xd.

Thanks again!!

would be wort going on to NIs forums and letting them know this issue - as far as I can tell, the only thing wrong with the project is that it contains so many kontakt instances .
This post here:
tries to get an answer, but as you can run 32 instruments per instance, I am betting you are one of the first to find out this limitation.
Glad to have been of help

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folder tracks.xml (2.4 MB)
here’s your folder tracks as an xml - you should be able to re-import these, and then route them to a single instance of Kontakt with multiple instruments loaded as seperate midi channels (i.e kontakt used multi-timbral-ey)

this added to my 5mb export should get you to the best place possible.
just to note, I tried to remove the kontakt instances and save the file, but it was corrupted - so something weird has gone on.

note 2 - if you ever get in this situation again, disabling plugins on start up should mean you can load the file and troubleshoot. The reason the file opened here is because I don’t use kontakt 7, so cubase didn’t try to launch loads of them, similar happens when you disable plugins

Thanks, weird thing is i disabled the plugins on startup and it still crashed. Thank you for the effort u have put!!

There is a trick that might work. Open a file that you know works. Keep it open and open the problem file but DO NOT ACTIVATE it. Then close the first file and activate the problem file. This has worked for me a few times.

This might work, im gonna try it later.

Fixed: the problem was multiple issues of Kontakt 7 - this was causing a huge project file (3.5tb from memory)

Removed the kontakt tracks and the project shrunk and became usable. Issues on OSX, M2 mac - file opened fine on PC, likely due to extra memory, or that kontakt 7 wasn’t installed and thus wasn’t loaded with project.

Updating for future searchers reference