Cubase crashes when switching projects

So about 90% of the time when I close a project and open a new one, Cubase crashes and I have to reboot. I am using version 6.0.2. Anybody else experiencing this and is there a fix? It’s pretty frustrating.

nobody else has this issue?

When switching projects, I sometimes get “Cubase has stopped working”, it does’nt require rebooting, but does require restarting Cubase (6.5 here).
I’ve never been able to figure out what causes this, and it does not happen often, so I just ‘live with it’ :frowning: .


Switching projects all the time here, never had a problem!

sorry I said reboot but I meant reload Cubase. Not reboot the pc. Still annoying though because for me it happens every single time almost. I would live with it if it happens once in a while but the frequency of this is really annoying. I cannot for instance open a project and copy things from it for use for a different project.

Which OS? There was a similar problem with Wavelab; the solution was to run the program as administrator. I’d give that a try. :slight_smile:

Windows 7 Ultimate.
And running in Admin mode doesn’t seem to make a difference for me :confused:

Do you happen to have a M-Audio soundcard? I was getting BSOD about 85% of the time when switching projects or exiting Cubase until I switched from the M-Audio drivers to ASIO4ALL.

thanks for the suggestion but no. RME Fireface 400. Also, I didn’t have this problem with Cubase 5