Cubase Crashes when trying to initialize PlugsoundProVST

ok, this has been a months long problem and I’m hoping someone can help me with this:

Last Novemenber, my computer died. I finally got it back up and running, but didn’t have an image made… so luckily I had all my files saved offsite, but my registry wasn’t. Long story short, I reinstalled everything. At the time I was still using Cubase SX3.1.1. Most of my virtual instruments were reinstalled and recognized without issue. But whenever it would get to initializing PlugsoundProVST, Cubase would freeze. Before my crash this program was essential and worked without any flaws. I have literally hundreds of songs written with this VST. For some reason, it no longer works. I contacted the makers of that VST (which I own and made sure that the dongle are all up to date) and although they say that they no longer are supporting that version - I at least was up to date with it. I have no problem with the new version - UVIWorkstationVST. I would be very happy to use this version… the only problem is that I need to chase down all the patch settings from the previous version. There’s no way that I know of to capture that info. I even thought that maybe upgrading to Cubase 5 might help. It doesn’t. At somepoint in the near future I will upgrade to Cubase 6, but I don’t see that helping either. Please if anyone might know of how to cature the patch names / settings within Cubase that would be greatly welcomed. If anyone has any idea why a VST that once worked but now doesn’t can be made to work again - just long enough to copy out the info… please help!

Thanks for reading and any tips will be greatly appreciated.

You could try removing the .dll and opening the project to see if the patches are listed but DON’T hit Save when you close it. C5 has a Blacklist.xml file in the app data folder. Is it listed there? Did you try trashing Prefs for gits and shiggles?