Cubase crashes when trying to open any saved project which is a known issue with no solution!

I am now unable to open any existing project using either Cubase 9.5, 10.5 or 11. If I create the project from scratch then I can work on it and save it but if I close it down and then try to re-open it Cubase just closes down without opening the project or I get a crash error message. It appears this is a known issue at Steinberg related to graphics problems but they have no real solution to this and it affects Cubase 9.5 and above. They did suggest some possible workarounds but they don’t work for me, they did also suggest that earlier versions of Cubase below 9.5 were unaffected. Sadly this isn’t the case, I downloaded Cubase 9 and then Cubase 8 but still had the same issue so I am guessing there is some incompatibility with modern graphics cards. Whatever the reason, I am now struggling to use Cubase and having to re-create the project from scratch again every day then copy and paste the midi tracks from an un-activated version of the last version of project I saved the previous day, very time consuming and complicated more because I can’t copy effects settings or volume automations. I have even tried leaving the PC’s running permanently with the project live but after a few hours of inactivity Cubase seems to deactivate the project and if I try and activate it again it crashes. I have a support ticket raised but this is a critical issue as I have a client deadline this week I am struggling to meet because of this Cubase issue. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

To get an idea what is happening you need to be more specific.

What is your operating system, what was the suggestion from support regarding the graphics problem?

Also can you upload one or two crash dump file, to have a look at it and see what is the content of a crash.

I have had no response from support yet to my ticket.
You can see the information here I found on the support area: articles/115001841510-Windows-Cubase-does-not-start-crashes-or-is-showing-corrupted-graphics?
The operating system is W10, I have 3 PC’s in my DAW studio setup the primary PC which is running Cubase is an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor at 3.50 GHz with 128 Gb of RAM.
I can’t upload a crash dump file because the project contains the clients video I am working on and I have signed a NDA. The graphics card in this PC is a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 ver 516.94

Where is that supposed to be? This is a user forum, not Steinberg support.

A crash dump file does not contain your project data, so there is nothing that violates your NDA. It contains data about the process that crashed and code snippets, not your data.

But it is up to you if you would like to get some help or not.

Ok, how do I get the crash logs?

They are located in C:\Users\<your_user_profile>\AppData\Local\CrashDumps

Cubase 64bit 2023.2.13 9.31.dmp (1.2 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2023.2.13 9.30.dmp (1.2 MB)

Most recent ones today, the forum limits to me uploading 2 files at a time, let me know if you need anymore?

Your problem seems to be with the Kontakt plugin. The dump shows that this plugin crashes,

So a first check is to remove this plugin and see if Cubase is working again.

I don’t know what release of Kontakt you have and what release is supported together with Cubase 9.5, but you should talk to the NI support about this.

Just out of curiosity, did Cubase 9.5 support VST3 plugins already?

I remember that VST3 standard appeared in practical terms (including Steinberg bundled plug-ins with it at this format) with Cubase 4 release (2006) : time flies…

Oh yes, it does.

Hi JurgenP, thanks for your help with this, I am using the full version of Kontakt 6 ver: 6.7.1 which is the latest version on NI. Most of my sample libraries are on my slave PC’s using VE Pro 7 to connect them all together. This has only started happening in the last couple of weeks since I re-installed Cubase 9.5 as it seemed to be freezing up. I have exactly the same issues with my projects even if I use Cubase 10.5 or 11. Have just re-installed Kontakt 6 again from NI Control and will also raise a ticket with them too.