cubase crashes when using PLAY vst

I’m using cubase 6 artist, on win 7 32 bit.
very often when i use PLAY vst (by EastWest) the cubase crashes and i get the message:
“cubase 6 has stopped working windows is checking for a solution for the problem”,
and than, “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close the program and notify if a aolution is available”

i don’t believe that this is caused by memory issues because i was monitoring the task manager and cubase was using about 888,000k when this happaned.

any thoughts?

Do you have the latest PLAY version?

How do you know it’s PLAY causing the problem?

yes, i have the latest version, 3.0.21
and i am using the complete composers collection from a hard drive.

i’m not sure that that’s the cause, it’s just my speculation, because it happened to me when i tried to do things on the vst plugin:

load a new patch, or somtimes when i only press the cubase button to view the vst plugin

also sometimes the PLAY vst screen is non-responsive, when i press things with the mouse nothing happens, than i have to minimise the cubase window (exit the cubase program to another window) and than when i return to cubase it suddenly “unfreezes” and let’s me work on it…

I have no crashing or freezing problems with the latest Play on a Mac. How much RAM do you have?

you’re probably hitting the memory limit if using 32 bit cubase and play. Play x64 and cubase x64 running perfectly here.