Cubase crashes while loading Groove Agent


I recently downloaded Cubase 12 on my Mac. Every time I run the software I Get this message and then Cubase crashes:

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Attach the mentioned *.ips file, please.

Thank you for your response

I am getting an error message that the ips file is 0 kb in size and can’t upload, so is it ok to post the text here?


Most probably I will not be able to resolve the file, if you send it as a text. The only information we would get is, if it crashes in Cubase or any other component, if you send it as a text.

But O’m wondering, if there is any text, it cannot be 0kb file.

here it is now

Cubase 12-2022-04-11-101159.ips (54.8 KB)


You are using Groove Agent SE 4, which is not macOS 12 compatible. Please use the latest update of Groove Agent SE 5 (5.1.0 at this time).

I installed GA5 directly via the download center, same thing happens again

I attached here the ips file

Cubase 12-2022-04-11-105042.ips (55.4 KB)


Sorry, I can still see Groove Agent SE 4 is involved:

       0x129bd2000 -        0x12cf4dfff com.steinberg.Groove Agent SE ( <53d388cd-358f-372f-b129-f70a6aeb3ed8> /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/*/Groove Agent SE

Did you uninstall Groove Agent 5, please?

I tried uninstall and install again. same problem.

should I erase the older version of cubase and all its components?


Are you sure, you are installing Groove Agent SE 5 please?

Maybe it’s worth to do it.

Now I removed cubase andall its components one by one.
I installed it again from the beginning via download assistant.
Same result.
Cubase 12-2022-04-11-193909.ips (54.2 KB)

What is the next step?


I’m sorry, I can still see Groove Agent SE 4 only.

Could you please attach a screenshot, where did you download Groove Agent from?

Hi, I’m having exactly the same problem and also with the same error message. The Groove Agent SE version installed is 5.1.0. Any advice please?

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Could you please attach your crash/ips/DMP file?

Only from Steinberg’s website regarding cubase 8 previously installed.
And then via the download assistant with cubase 12 and everything.


Did you download and install Groove Agent SE 5.1 from the Steinberg Download Assistant > Cubase > Cubase 12 Pro, please?

Could you remove the Groove Agent SE 4 component manually, please?

I only see Groove Agent 5 SE on my Mac.
It runs ok stand alone. I don’t see any other versions for groove agent, but Cubase seems to keep looking for it in a loop.
I only installed cubase 8 once on this new Mac, and then I bought a license for cubase 12.

Can you guide my please, how to manually remove any remaining files from groove agent 4 from my Mac?

I need help please. I can’t run cubase at all.


Groove Agent SE 4 was part of Cubase 8 Full Installer.

Please, try to remove this: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Steinberg > Components > Groove Agent SE.vst3.

Then try to install Groove Agent SE 5 again, please.

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