Cubase crashes while recording

I have had a serious crash with Cubase 12 Artist while attempting to record multiple takes. The same thing occurred with another project recently. I get a message telling me the file is unstable. When I try using the file again Cubase spools off error messages and creates serial copies.

  1. How can I make us of these files? Do I need to start an entirely new project and import the audio files?
  2. What is causing the problem and how can I prevent it’s happening again?
  3. Does Cubase have a support department or is there only this forum? To whom can I send the dmp file?

Hi @Jack_Risk

Please try to create a project outside of the onedrive folder and check if this fixes the problem.
You can upload the dmp files here and we will have a look at it.

I am unable to upload the dmp from my recent crash because of the 4 mb restriction on this forum. My file is 4.169 kb. Any suggestions?

I will look into the issue with OneDrive. Thank you.

You can zip it or use

Here is a link to my dmp file.