Cubase Crashes

Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.10 still crashes when I exit projects and try to load projects.

Several support requests, no replies.

I just want this to work!

Hello dman2014,

Does this happens with a certain project, or with every project ?

Please also have a look regarding the used plugins, and also have a look that you have installed the latest drivers/updates.



This is happening to me also. It crashes after I’ve worked on a new project and when I go back later to load it crashes.

The Slate VTM update was causing this for me. They have since released the that appears to have resolved the issue.

Since the last dew days I’m a firm believer in trashing the preferences!
My existing installation without prefs installed ALL presets for everything anew (before I had to hunt for individual presets of e.g. the PLE) and runs very stable, no more spiking.
Maybe someone with more experience can chime in, but my gut feeling is that those “prefs” are much more akin to the Windows Registry than some lowly .INI file. Meaning that you’re royally screwed if they are corrupted or faulty… :ugeek:

Ya know its funny, I ALWAYS trash my prefs after I Update or Upgrade Cubase. I upgrade the License Control Software as well. Ive never had an issue like most guys struggle with. Those prefs screw things up more than you know. Problem is guys moan about trashing their setup.
Just copy back the prefs you need from the old ones, easy.

Trashing preferences made no difference in my case.

Here it crashes when I exit too quickly after closing a project. When I wait some seconds it’s ok.

New prefs etc. On Mac /Yosemite, track freeze constantly crashes VIs: Kontakt, MusicTech AIR, & others when there’s a few going but not especially maxxed, say 50%. As like it doesn’t have enough buffer to complete.

** update. Can see exactly what it is now: Any Freeze Crashes Cubase When Other Tracks are Disabled

Yup. :smiley:

Reported this back in Dec. 2014, but it’s been wrongly flagged I think as a “duplicate” of another bug.

I’d love to see this one get its own “BON” id, and from my original post so that I get proper credit as finding it first. :smiley:

Hey, I don’t get out much. :laughing:

Sadly, the time delay in bug reports, to fixes, to beta testing the updates means 8.0.20 may still not have this fix. If so, totally understandable, but frustrating for those of us on the “front lines.”

C8 still seems to hold on to ram. This is especially an issue if like me on an earlier machine I only has 12 gig of ram. Projects used to crash C8 when loading a new project. Starting from scratch re-booting C8 never seemed to be a problem. Kontakt was a big problem in this regard. Now that my new machine has 32 gig of ram and I have not encountered this issue so far. Fingers crossed.

The issue of holding on to ram manifests itself in a strange way. If I am running an instance of Session Horns Pro and discard Kontackt and then reload it with exactly the same preset the samples are there immediately and ready to play without any loading time???

I’d like to know why performance meters are so high in Cubase when my cpu usage and memory and disk usage aren’t. 85%+ on some projects compared to 30-40% when re-created in Sonar or Studio One :-\

Have tested now on three different computers. It’s the software. :frowning:

Same here. Nothing seems to work although Waves plugins seem to be part of the crashing… I’m in close contact with SB about this!

Yeah mine’s crashing all over the place. Just did a fresh OS install and everything suggested. Marginally better, tho I’d still be unable to recommend it professionally to anyway, which I’ve done for the previous 19 years.

Crashes every time I change an input/output on a channel with record enabled. Crashes most times I try to quit. Crashes most times I take a breath or use a word featuring the letter ‘e’.

But it’s definitely not the software. :unamused:

I had to go back to Cubase 7.5.40 until the Cubase Pro 8 crashing issues get fixed. It makes no sense to me why the CP8 upgrade won’t work. I love the new features. I have one song that works from a previous Cubase 7.5.40 cpr all others crash upon opening.

I started a new CP8 cpr and have spent almost 5hrs on it. I saved it and came back later to open it and it crashed. I then opened it in C7 and it loaded. Hmmm go figure? If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I’ve tried the suggested fixes by; trashing my preferences, 3rd party plugins, 32bit plugins, and the Vst2xBlacklist Cubase.xml file. NOTHING WORKS.

This is my system info:

Intel Core i7-2670QM 2.20GHz 2.20GHz
Installed Memory RAM: 8.00GB (6.79 GB usable)
System Type: 64bit operating system, x64 based processor

It does it with no 3rd party plug-ins too. At least, it does on 3 different PCs I’ve tried. I’ve tried different chipsets/motherboards, graphics cards, audio interfaces, Windows versions. It’s clearly the software.

I reverted back to 7.5 too, to 7.5.4.

Odd that. Pay for an upgrade and then having to stick with the same version.

Imagine if you went to upgrade your car, paid the money, but then was forced to keep the one you had!

I love working in Cubase, which is why it’s really disappointing and annoying that the 96kHz projects I’m now doing for certain clients are having to be done in Sonar. Cubase is dreadful - especially when using lots of VSTi’s on any of my hardware above 48kHz. Really disappointing. I can throw loads at Sonar and it’s fine. :frowning: Studio One seems to cope better too.

I have to say that I think using Windows Aero is a mistake too.

Do the two projects you’re comparing between Cubase and Sonar have more VSTis and channel insert effects than buss insert effects (effects on Group Channels)?

If so, then you are seeing the advantage of Sonar’s audio engine when using lots of VSTis and plugin inserts at the channel level. Sonar has a more efficient audio engine for this use-case.

If you have more buss effects than VSTis and channel inserts effects, then Cubase has a better audio engine.

The reason has to do with how the audio engines deal with “serial signal paths”; Cubase being better at them because it can break that serial path up across multiple cores, while Sonar can not. Sonar can break up the workload across multiple cores for any parallel signal paths, like for each channel (but so can Cubase).

So Cubase can do everything Sonar can, in this regard, but not vice versa.

So why isn’t Cubase always better? Because despite the multi-core serial signal path limitation in Sonar, it has a more performant audio engine, overall. Even when factoring in the huge advances with ASIO Guard 2. That said, make sure you’re using ASIO Guard 2, if not, it may even the score, more.

What we need is Cubase’s multi-core abilities and ASIO Guard 2 with Sonar’s brute performance. That would be the ultimate audio engine.

Oh, wait, it already exists: in Reaper. :slight_smile:

Can’t stand Reaper as a main DAW, though. Too fugly and fussy.

As for Studio One, I’m surprised you’re getting better results than Cubase with it. It has scored lowest out of those 4 DAWs in my tests.

Yes, I’ve used Reaper but agree, it’s way ugly and I don’t enjoy the experience using it.

I too was very surprised with Studio One, I did not expect it.

The projects I’ve used I re-created like-for-like. It’s important for me, as I’m getting more work where the client wants to use 96kHz. There are about 16 VSTi’s, a lot of tracks, audio tracks, EQs, inserts, sends, fx channels, groups/busses & effects. Sonar sails through it, performance meter never gets about 50%. Cubase is at 85/90%.

I’d also add that, as with all my projects, the project is slightly better under Cubase 7.5.4 than 8.0.10

I mean, this one, 4 VSTi’s loaded, inserts, sends, fx channels, buses, buss fx… and look at the meter already…

That project in Sonar only gets a tiny blip on the meter!

So frustrating :frowning: